Johnny Manziel already one of AAF’s most popular players

It’s been less than a week since Johnny Manziel signed a contract to join the Memphis Express, and already he’s clearly a fan favorite.

The AAF has a deal with Topps to print cards for its players. Before Manziel joined the league, Commanders linebacker Shaan Washington led all players with 736 printed cards, with Apollos receiver Jalin Marshall coming in second (614) and Iron running back Trent Richardson rounding out the top three (338).

In 24 hours, fans ordered 585 Johnny Manziel cards, instantly vaulting him up into third place.

Just imagine how many more cards they’ll sell if Manziel ends up playing, and playing well.

For what it’s worth, Express head coach Mike Singletary isn’t ready to throw Manziel into the starting lineup just yet. He’ll roll with Brandon Silvers on Sunday when the Express take on the Salt Lake Stallions and is taking a “we’ll see” approach with Manziel.

So, while it’s unclear whether Manziel will have any impact on the games, it’s crystal clear he is having a big impact on fan interest in the AAF.