Johnhy Manziel issues statement about being waived by Browns

By Michael Dixon

Hours after being waived by the Cleveland Browns, quarterback Johnny Manziel issued a statement through his publicist, per Ian Rapaport of the NFL Network.

While a statement riddled with bad blood would certainly be more interesting to talk about, this was a good move from Manziel.

Manziel has had a terrible offseason, to say the least, but he did well here. It was a smart idea to make a public statement, and he chose the right words in a “short but sweet” approach.

While he didn’t go terribly in depth (and shouldn’t have), this was a nice final last word from Manziel on what had been a rocky union between he and his now former team.

What this will hopefully be is the first step in Manziel getting his life back in order, something that needs to happen well before he steps onto an NFL field again.