John Wall trying to recruit Paul George to join Wizards

By Jesse Reed

Washington Wizards point guard John Wall knows there’s no way to win a championship these days without at least three stars. Appearing on Fox Sports Radio Monday, he said as much while indicating he thinks Paul George would be a great addition to the Wizards.

He was asked if George was the missing piece for the Wizards.

“I think it’s a piece that would make our team a deeper threat to make a deeper run, you know, make us a serious contender,” Wall said. “I think if you have an opportunity to add a player like that, a person like that, you never can go wrong. The way things are going, you really gotta have a Big 3 to be in contention about winning a championship.”

If the Wizards were able to hold onto Bradley Beal while adding George, then you have to imagine they’d be a potent team come playoff time. As it stood this past postseason, they gave the Boston Celtics all they could handle in a seven-game series that ultimately went Boston’s way.

Though, based on what we’re hearing about George wanting to go west in 2018, it seems like this is nothing more than a dream. Still, it must be nice for George to know he’s so widely desired by all the teams contending, or hoping to be in contention.