John Wall says he doesn’t get same star treatment as LeBron James

Courtesy of USA Today Images

The Washington Wizards blew a 16-point lead midway through the fourth quarter against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday night. It was the biggest comeback of LeBron James’ career and kept Cleveland as the third seed heading into the final weekend of the regular season.

With the game on the line late in the fourth quarter, Wizards guard John Wall opted for a jump shot over James. It missed short. Then, with his Wizards down two and just seconds remaining, Wall attempted a pass out to the perimeter instead of what seemed to be an open lay-up.

As odd as the plays themselves seemed to be, Wall had an explanation after the game. Some might say he’s making execuses. Others will back the All-Star up in a big way.


“When I turn the corner and get downhill, I don’t get those same calls (as LeBron James) when people put their hands on me or contact me,” Wall said. “I already knew the play before it when I drove on LeBron, I wasn’t going to get a call so why even put myself in that position?”

There’s something to be said about forcing the issue. Forcing the officials on the court to make a call against King James. It seems that Wall subjectively believed that said officials wouldn’t call a late-game foul on James. Hence, the turnover on Washington’s final possession.

More so than any other sport, stars seem to get the benefit of the doubt on the NBA hardwood. As the biggest star in the game, James is a prime example of this.

Even then, it does very little good to avoid being aggressive in these types of situations. Wall proved that Thursday night.