John Madden thinks Marshawn Lynch could be huge for Raiders

John Madden

Someone who would know a thing or 10,000 about coaching a successful Oakland Raiders team is Hall of Famer, John Madden.

Madden discussed recently signed veteran running back Marshawn Lynch. He is clearly a big fan and is high on what Lynch brings to the field.

“One of the worst things in pro football now is short-yardage and goal line offense,” Madden said. “Teams can’t get 1st downs by running and they get down on the goal line and they’re down there on the 1-yard line throwing the ball! What’s that about?! I think if Marshawn Lynch can take them out of that, if he can get 1st downs on third downs, and if he can get touchdowns on goal line, that’ll be a great big deal for the Raiders.”

Under Madden’s leadership from 1969-78, the Raiders made the postseason eight times, winning the Super Bowl in 1976.

Forty years later just, the Raiders managed an impressive 12-4 second place finish in the AFC West last season. Their successful run earned them a spot in a wild card matchup, though they fell to the Houston Texans.

This upcoming season could even be a bigger one for the Raiders. The addition of Lynch seems to be wise decision so far. If he performs at the same level we all saw before his injury riddled 2015 campaign, the team should keep building on last year’s success.

A Super Bowl could even be in the cards as well.