John Elway: Broncos plan to ‘stay the course’ with two young QBs

John Elway and the Broncos are looking to move up in the draft

After telling reporters he didn’t even discuss Tony Romo with Stephen Jones of the Dallas Cowboys this past week, John Elway once again threw cold water on the idea the veteran could join the Denver Broncos.

The team has continued to throw itsĀ support behind Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch throughout the offseason, and Elway did so once again on Monday.

While Elway didn’t slam the door shut entirely on Romo to Denver, it’s darn close. Obviously, this has everything to do with the fact that Romo is still a member of the Cowboys organization. Denver isn’t going to give up any draft currency to land an injury-prone veteran, even if Romo were open to re-doing his contract.

Now, if the Cowboys did release Romo, then perhaps Elway might change his tune. But based on what’s been discussed of late, none of which has to do with Romo, it seems unlikely that would even be a viable option for the Broncos right now.

Instead, Denver seems content to develop Lynch and hope he can take the job from Siemian, who is certainly limited in what he can do.