Joey Bosa: Nick made right decision withdrawing from Ohio State

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Bosa surprised the football world when he left Ohio State to recover from a groin injury, but his brother Joey explained why it was the right choice.

Sam Fortier of The Athletic passed along the quotes from the older Bosa, who pointed out the difference between having high draft stock and potentially being the No. 1 overall selection.

“If it was something else like a broken finger maybe (he could return), but a groin injury after eight weeks and probably not play until the playoffs against an Alabama, it just blows my mind that anyone thinks it’s a good idea.”

Nick spent two-plus successful seasons with the Buckeyes, racking up 29 tackles for loss with 17.5 sacks. He earned AP All-America status in 2017.

However, a core injury against TCU removed Bosa from the field and ultimately ended his college career.

The safe route — though disappointing to Ohio State fans — was the smart one.

Joey noted the groin injury had “two big incisions” and added “it would be the stupidest thing ever” for Nick to risk tearing it again.

Especially when there’s a potential $30 million payday at stake. No reasonable person would disagree with Bosa’s choice to protect his health and value.