Report: Joey Bosa ‘very angry’ about ‘irreparable damage’ with Chargers

Joey Bosa has a lot to prove heading into NFL Week 5
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The rift that has developed between the San Diego Chargers and first-round pick Joey Bosa appears to be growing wider by the day.

A new report by Jason Cole of Bleacher Report indicates Bosa is beyond fed up with the way he’s being treated by the organization.

“Bosa feels that there is irreparable damage that has been done over the relationship between the team and him,” says Cole. “All in all Bosa is feeling very angry about the situation, and we will see how it resolves itself in the coming weeks.”

The Chargers and Bosa have reportedly not had any contract talks since July 28, which was the last time an offer had been exchanged.

San Diego is being stubborn about including offset language in the contract that would keep Bosa from “double-dipping” if he were to be cut later on in his rookie contract.

The franchise also does not want to give Bosa the entirety of his bonus this year. Instead, the Chargers want to defer half of the money to March of 2017, which irks the former Ohio State Buckeye.

Things have gotten so contentious between the two parties that Bosa’s mom recently wished they had pulled an Eli Manning and demanded he not play in San Diego (more on that here).

At this point, one wonders if Joey Bosa will simply sit the season out in protest, should the Chargers continue to unnecessarily play hardball here. Most young players wouldn’t dream of pulling a stunt like that, but given his financial stability already, he might just be the guy to stand his ground,.