Joel Embiid ‘extremely disappointed,’ says he’ll be ‘better and stronger’ next season

Joel Embiid broke his Twitter silence on Wednesday evening to thank fans for their support, express his disappointment and declare his desire for bigger things in the future.

Embiid, who hadn’t tweeted since April 9, shared the following message, which includes him saying he’ll come back “better and stronger” next season.

Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers came oh, so close to advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals. But after clawing their way through six games and 59.9 minutes of Game 7, they had their hearts ripped out of their chests by Kawhi Leonard at the buzzer. Afterward, Embiid was visibly emotional as he cried through the agony of defeat.

Many have been critical of Embiid’s health and conditioning. He has battled illness and injury throughout his career, and his illness during the Eastern Conference Semifinals might have cost the Sixers a chance of advancing. So, if he is going to come back “better and stronger” next season, he needs to get some things figured out on that front.