Joe Thomas criticizes ‘flawed system’ in light of Jabrill Peppers failing combine urine test

Joe Thomas

Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas, like the rest of us, saw the news Monday that Jabrill Peppers failed his urine test at the combine because of a dilute sample.

However, his reaction to the news was a bit different than the average Joe.

In truth, there is a lot of sensibility to what Thomas suggests. If the NFL is going to make a big deal about this, Thomas has the perfect solution. Just keep testing the players until the sample isn’t dilute.

That way, there’s no reason to put guys into the NFL’s drug program just for potentially having drunk too much water before the test.

Peppers blamed an illness for his dilute sample. We’ll never know if that was the truth or not, and the failed test could potentially have a negative impact on Peppers’ draft stock. That’s not right.