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Joe Girardi has interesting reason why no medical scans for Masahiro Tanaka

Joe Girardi New York Yankees
Kim Klement, USA Today Sports

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi gave a unique answer when the media asked him about Masahiro Tanaka. The question was raised about whether the team had sent him for any “scans” to see if anything was wrong with him health wise considering his recent regression.

“There isn’t,” Girardi said, per Newsday’s Eric Boland. “You just don’t scan people, you just don’t light them up inside. We don’t want to turn him into Spider-Man or Superman or something like that. Radiation is something you have to deal with, so, no, you just don’t scan people to scan them. We have to do that in the airport and none of us like it.”

Well now that we have the Marvel Comics theory out of the way, Tanaka has been less than heroic this season from the bump.

The 28-year-old former All-Star is in his fourth major league season (his admittedly worst slump in his career) and he’s hosting a 6.56 ERA and 6.05 FIP with just 39 strikeouts in 48 innings.