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Joe Burrow’s ‘plan’ is to remain with Cincinnati Bengals his entire career

Joe Burrow may have been the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, but his success at the pro level was never guaranteed. For every college star we see become a superstar, there are at least two players who flame out, never to experience more success than they did in their collegiate career.

As often as scouts and analysts label incoming prospects as ‘locks’, the NFL draft will always be a big gamble. But the Bengals did what every other team in their position would have done, quickly coming to the conclusion that Burrow was the best choice for their franchise when faced with the crucial decision three years ago.

Wow, has the selection of Burrow paid off in a gigantic way. He carried the Bengals to the Super Bowl just a year after they had earned the top pick in the draft, and now once again, the stud QB has Cincinnati poised to go on a deep playoff run.

But he’s only under contract through the 2024 season, leading some to wonder just how long the Pro Bowl QB will be a member of the Bengals. Yet, if fans just listen to Burrow himself, they shouldn’t have any concerns about the long-term future of the organization.

“My plan is to be in Cincinnati my whole career. Hopefully Zac is here my whole career. I have a lot of confidence in that. I think we have one of the best front offices in the league and Zac in my opinion, is the best head coach in the league.”

Joe Burrow commenting on his affection for the Cincinnati Bengals and his head coach

While the Bengals may not have to sign their QB to an extension for another two seasons, he will become eligible to sign a new contract for the first time in the NFL this offseason. Chances are, he’s set to reset the market among highest-paid quarterbacks.

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Looking at a potential Joe Burrow’s contract extension

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals
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With Burrow becoming eligible to sign an extension once the 2022-23 playoffs conclude, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Cincinnati prioritizes contract discussions with their franchise QB this offseason. Burrow, who just turned 26 back in December, has strongly indicated a desire to remain with the Bengals, which means contract discussions should go smoothly.

According to Spotrac, Burrow is projected to receive a contract with a salary averaging $44.8 million per season. This would place Burrow sixth among the NFL’s current highest-paid quarterbacks.

In total, Spotrac forecasts a six-year, $264M deal for Burrow. If the Bengals and Burrow’s agency both agree that a contract extension makes more sense this offseason as opposed to waiting another year, the QB will be one step closer to seeing his wish come true, by having a chance to retire with the team that drafted him.

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