Jimmy Graham Draws Flag for Dunking in Scrimmage

New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham may be fully prepared to pay a nice amount of his new contract to the league this year. The Pro Bowler, who just signed a four-year, $40 million extension, doesn’t seem to be too worried over a new NFL rule that outlaws goal-post dunks. 

And he made that perfectly clear during a Saints scrimmage on Saturday.

The dunk drew a flag by officials during the mock game. No, seriously.

The NFL plans to initiate 15-yard penalties for goal-post dunking this year. There is no indication that fines will be involved, but you have to believe that they will be. Remember, Graham is infamous for causing a pretty lengthy delay after a dunk last season.


Graham previously indicated that he plans to ignore the new rule (h/t Pro Football Talk).

I guess I’ll have to lead the NFL in penalties next year.

We will see if that’s still the case once the NFL starts to impose fines on top of the penalties.

Photo: USA Today