WATCH: Jimbo Fisher goes off on ref, lands 15-yard penalty

Jimbo Fisher

Early in the fourth quarter Saturday as Florida State hosted Clemson, Seminoles head coach Jimbo Fisher lost his cool after a bad call cost his team a big run.

That he had a right to be upset is not up for debate. After watching the play a few times, it’s clear that the illegal block called on Freddie Stevenson was totally bogus. But Fisher took his anger out a bit too much on the side judge, who flagged him 15 yards for his excessive outburst.

Unfortunately, the combination of events torpedoed the team’s chance to make anything positive happen on this drive and FSU was forced to punt away.

Leading by two tenuous points, 28-26, at this point, it was a very bad time for Fisher to lose it to the point of hurting his team. Sticking up for his guys is well and good, but cooler heads must prevail when the battle is at its hottest point.