Jim Kelly’s Wife Gives Update on His Status

Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly is going through the battle of his life. Really, a battle for his life. After finishing up a round of treatment for cancer and being released from the hospital, Kelly took time to visit the Buffalo Bills during minicamp earlier in April and seems to have an extremely positive outlook on life moving forward. 

It’s a battle you wouldn’t wish on anyone, but Kelly seems to be taking it in stride and couldn’t possibly show more heart and dedication when staring the Big “C” right in the face. Anyone who has ever had a close friend or family member battle cancer, knows full well the emotional toll it takes on the family. In this, Jill Kelly (Jim’s wife) has remained a rock for her husband and family.

She went in-depth in terms of updating everyone on Jim’s status (via BuffaloBills.com)

We are considering another type of therapy in the interim between the last treatment Jim had, and the scans that are scheduled two to three months up the road,” wrote Jill. “However, we are still gathering information and haven’t made a decision about that yet.

Jill also indicated that her husband has lost 44 pounds since he was diagnosed with cancer back in March. At this point, he still needs a feeding tube for “all nourishment.” A hollistic approach, as opposed to chemo or radiation, might be the direction Jill is indicating they could go. At least in terms of helping build up his strength.

Jill continued…

He is still very weak, extremely tired, and he’s not himself — but he’s still “Kelly Tough.

It’s a long road to recovery for Jim Kelly and there are no guarantees at this point. Having the strength of his wife, family, the community in Buffalo and the broader NFL community behind him will only help Kelly as he continues to go through the battle of his life. The battle for his life.

All of us here at Sportsnaut wish Kelly a speedy recovery and look forward to a day when he will, once again, be cancer free.

Photo: ESPN.com