Jim Harbaugh thought phone call from Michael Jordan was a prank

Jim Harbaugh hired former 49ers executive Tom Gamble, according to a report
Courtesy of USA Today Images

During the course of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh’s career, he has met some amazing personalities, including one of his favorites in Judge Judy, whom he recently played gin rummy with.

However, someone that completely blew Harbaugh away was NBA legend Michael Jordan, who called him this summer. The conversation went as follows according to Harbaugh (via ESPN):

“Harbaugh: Who is this?

Jordan: Michael Jordan.

Harbaugh: Come onnnn, who is this?

Jordan: This is Michael Jordan.

Harbaugh: The real Michael Jordan?”

Jordan reportedly reached out to Harbaugh because Michigan agreed to an apparel contract with Nike in July. Jordan controls Jumpman, which is a spinoff from Nike, and the Wolverines will be the first team to sport the Jumpman uniforms in 2016. The phone call by Jordan was one to welcome Harbaugh into the Nike family.

Currently, the Wolverines still have one more year to wear apparel made by Adidas, with¬†whom they are in contract with. Nike’s new contract with Michigan is for 15 years and is worth up to $169 million, which is the longest contract of that type in college sports.

When Harbaugh was asked if it would be weird to have a basketball logo on his footballs, he stated, “It’s going to be awesome.” Apparently, he is a huge fan of Jordan’s.