Jim Harbaugh takes a shot at Urban Meyer

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh wasn’t able to beat Urban Meyer one time in four years. But now that Meyer has retired, Harbaugh is trying to hang at least one big “L” around his neck.

Speaking with Tim Kawakami of The Athletic, Harbaugh took a shot at his former B1G rival, saying, “Urban Meyer’s had a winning record. Really phenomenal record everywhere he’s been. But also, controversy follows everywhere he’s been.”

Harbaugh is not wrong about Meyer having dealt with plenty of controversy throughout his coaching career. During his tenure at Florida, Meyer saw 31 of his players arrested in six years.

Then, of course, he is accused of having knowingly kept assistant Zach Smith on the team after finding out about allegations he abused his wife.

To Harbaugh’s first point, Meyer has also been tremendously successful as a coach, tallying an overall record of 187-32 as the head coach at Bowling Green, Utah, Florida, and Ohio State, and he has won three National Championships.

Controversy or not, it’s hardly surprising that universities were willing to embrace the controversy that did surround Meyer.