Jim Harbaugh rips 49ers Jim Tomsula (on the sly) for bad Colin Kaepernick play

By Rachel Wold
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking to the press after Michigan’s win on Saturday, Wolverines’ head coach Jim Hardbaugh took an opportunity to stick it to his former NFL team, even if he did it on the sly.

“We train our quarterbacks to throw to people that aren’t covered, even if it’s a running play,” Harbaugh said, via NFL.com. “I was watching an NFL game where they didn’t cover a receiver and the quarterback handed it off, and got maligned by scribes and pundits and so-called experts for not throwing it to him.”

Harbaugh doesn’t exactly call out the 49ers by name, as he remained safely generic, mentioning an “NFL” team. The play Harbaugh is surely referring to came in Week 8 versus the St. Louis Rams when Colin Kaepernick handed the ball off rather than throwing to a wide open Torrey Smith. Smith was literally doing everything he could by waving his arms and jumping about to alert Kap he was open. Perhaps resorting to setting a fire may have been the only thing that would have worked to gain his quarterback’s attention that day.

Although, Harbaugh chose to school¬†Jim Tomsula for Kaepernick’s poor choice¬†of play call. After that disastrous loss to the Rams, Kap found himself benched in favor of Blaine Gabbert.

To say that Harbaugh’s presence isn’t missed on the 49ers, would be stating the obvious.