Jim Harbaugh is a fan of new redshirt rules

Jim Harbaugh Michigan football

The 2018 college football season will feature a new rule that benefits redshirt-eligible players, and Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh clearly supports the change.

On the Attack the Day podcast, Harbaugh explained his opinion.

“That’s a good rule. Very player-friendly, student-athlete friendly. … Four games allows them to get their feet wet and also be able to save that year of eligibility for a fifth year.”

In the past, the moment a player recorded an official snap, his redshirt eligibility was gone. That would only change if he participated in no more than four games within the team’s first six and had a season-ending injury.

During the 2018 campaign and beyond, however, athletes can enter up to four matchups and retain a year of eligibility.

The change will benefit freshmen, particularly those who arrive in the summer. Additionally, coaches don’t need to worry about “burning a redshirt” if there’s a need for depth due to injuries or suspensions late in the year.

Harbaugh has regularly used redshirt-eligible players throughout his three years at Michigan, and that number is sure to increase at a faster pace thanks to the new rule.