WATCH: Jim Harbaugh goes nuts on sideline during blowout

Jim Harbaugh is the best at going bonkers on the sideline. Just the best. During Saturday’s game against Maryland, the Michigan head coach was up to his entertaining ways after not getting his way on what he thought was a touchdown.

The play in question was spectacular. Chris Evans nearly lost the handle on a pass three times before finally hauling it in and running it 56 yards. It looked like he got into the end zone, but after reviewing the play, the refs deemed he had gone out of bounds just before crossing the pylon.

After the refs ruled Evans out of bounds, Harbaugh gave his fans a bit of a show, throwing stuff into the air and feigning disgust.

Harbaugh gonna Harbaugh.

Already up 21-0 at this point, Michigan made it 28-0 the next play on a Khalid Hill run from the one-yard line.