Jets safety Jamal Adams gives blunt assessment of his Week 5 performance

Jets' Jamal Adams is not happy with Week 5 performance.

The New York Jets defeated the Cleveland Browns in Week 5 despite rookie safety Jamal Adams having a game that he himself is calling off the charts bad.

Adams was critical of his performance immediately after the win. On Thursday, Adams was asked to assess his performance. Time had not softened his opinion.

Certainly, he’s not sugarcoating anything.

The Jets did manage to overcome the Browns to win their third game in a row. But if that streak is going to move to four, Adams will have to significantly improve his performance against the New England Patriots. Tom Brady has made a career out of exploiting safeties and corners having bad games.

Expect him to challenge Adams early to see if the rookie is better in Week 6 than he was in Week 5. Adams’ game will have to be on point early and often.