Jets Coach Todd Bowles Says Deflategate is None of His Business

By Rachel Wold
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

When the NFL suspended New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the other teams in the AFC East were probably doing a happy dance. They might not admit this, but Brady’s domination in that division has worn the other three teams thin.

As for the New York Jets, they have their usual two games scheduled against the Patriots. And while their first outing against the division rivals won’t take place until Week 7, the potential of New England being without Brady for four games could work to the Jets advantage.

When asked about the whole Deflategate situation, new head coach Todd Bowles provided a neutral opinion on whether he was hoping Brady’s suspension won’t be overturned on appeal (via NY Post).

“I wasn’t hoping at all. It’s none of my business. We play everybody in the division twice. That’s well documented,” Bowles said. “Whether they’re healthy, hurt or suspended, we’ve got to play who is put on the field.”

When asked if Brady missing the first four games of the season might give an edge to other other AFC East teams, Bowles responded with this:

“It’s the offseason. Nobody wins a title in May. You get to the season, you play, and you go from there.”

That is a well-trained answer. We all know the Jets along with the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins are relishing in the opportunity to get a leg up on the Patriots while Brady is potentially sidelined the first four games.

Photo: USA Today Sports