Jerry Jones excited about new helicopter: ‘You can shoot pigs out of it’

By Jesse Reed
Courtesy of USA Today Images

Life is different for billionaires like Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who just became the proud new owner of a very special helicopter.

Here’s a look at the new toy.

It’s a H145, which Jones purchased from Airbus Helicopters, per ESPN’s Todd Archer.

“It’s basically a tool that we want to really use to be a part of the function of the franchise,” Jones said.

The sweet new ride can carry nine passengers and is swift enough to get Jones and his family from their home to the team’s practice facility in nine minutes and from Frisco to the team’s amazing stadium in just 13 minutes.

That’s a lot of ground covered in a short amount.

Coming in at the cool price of $8 million, it’s a relatively small price (for a billionaire) to pay for the convenience of waving at the rest of us slogging through our daily commutes.

Just don’t call it the JerrryCopter.

“Let’s don’t call this the JerryCopter,” Jones said. “There’s got to be another name out there.”

Or do. Your call.