Jerry Jones brushes off concerns of rust for Tony Romo

Tony Romo, Jerry Jones

The Dallas Cowboys apparently have no intention of letting Tony Romo hit the field during the regular season. There are many who wonder if this strategy will backfire. After all, it’s not crazy to wonder if Romo would be pretty darn rusty coming into a game cold after not having played in a single game since the early goings this past preseason.

That’s not a concern Jerry Jones has, however, or at least that’s what he’s telling people about his veteran quarterback.

Jones seems to be terrified of Romo getting injured if he were to play this season, and he has admitted he doesn’t want to risk injury to his former starter.

The Cowboys are reportedly going to go so far as to activate Mark Sanchez for next weekend’s game in Philadelphia. The thinking there is that Dak Prescott isn’t likely to play the entire game, meaning someone will need to finish up the final game of the season.

It’s just not going to be Romo.

While Jones says there won’t be any rust, it’s hard to imagine there wouldn’t be some significant timing/chemistry issues if Romo were thrust into a playoff game after being out of commission since August. Looking sharp in practice is one thing. Making big plays in a game with bodies flying everywhere during┬áthe heat of action is quite another.