Jen Welter ‘tough as nails’ according to Tim Brown, who gives vote of approval

By Jesse Reed

New Arizona Cardinals coaching intern Jen Welter is going to have success in the NFL, according to legendary wide receiver Tim Brown.

Brown should know, better than most.

Welter played for the Texas Revolution, a team in the Indoor Football League. Brown is the team’s general manager, and he saw firsthand what she brings to the table. During her tenure with Brown’s team, she was also the linebackers and special teams coach for the Revolution.

“She’ll be successful. She’s very passionate about the game and KNOWS what she’s talking about,” Brown said, via TMZ. “She’d have to get more experience to be the first female head coach in the history of the league, but she’s a very educated lady and more opportunities will definitely be coming her way. But if she sticks with it … why not?”

Welter is getting a tremendous opportunity this summer as an intern with the Arizona Cardinals. She will be helping to coach the team’s linebackers—a position she’s quite familiar with.

And for anyone who thinks she might be intimidated by the players, or that the players might not respect a woman, we offer this: Welter can take a hit that would drop many men.

“She’s tough as nails,” Brown said. “She took one of the most vicious hits I’ve ever seen and jumped right up.”

Her knowledge, passion and experience will serve her well this summer, and beyond.

As society starts to shrug off the idea that men are somehow more capable than women, Welter, and others like her, will be given more opportunities to take on bigger roles in the sport of football.

We wish her well in her endeavor.

And, on a personal note, I’m glad my daughter gets to grow up in a world where this is possible. Change is not always a bad thing, and it’s about time a woman got a real, legitimate chance to make an impact in a league that has been dominated by men nearly a century.

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