Jeff Triplette, NFL’s worst ref, calls illegal hands to face penalty on wrong team

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Triplette is known for being an atrocious NFL referee. So it’s never too shocking when he makes mistakes, but what happened Sunday when the Chicago Bears visited the Detroit Lions will blow your mind.

Bears defensive tackle Eddie Goldman jacked up a Lions offensive lineman, shoving his head backwards by way of his facemask — a textbook illegal hands to the face penalty.

It was blatant.

But Triplette called a penalty on the Lions instead…for that same exact infraction.

Normally, we’d agree with free agent lineman Geoff Schwwartz, who doesn’t know how this call was missed so badly. But this is Triplette we’re talking about here, the NFL’s undisputed worst referee.

At this point, the NFL really, really, really needs to fire Triplette and let other, more competent people referee these games.