Jeff Fisher: ‘We’re on a record setting pace with our punt team’

With two more losses, Jeff Fisher will make NFL history. It’s going to happen this year, or I’ll eat my hat. So how in the world does Jeff Fisher still have a job with the 4-8 Los Angeles Rams?

Well, perhaps it’s because he can keep us endlessly entertained with magic tricks on the sidelines to distract us from all the losing (watch here).

Or perhaps it’s because of gems like this.


Now, either Fisher is operating with a huge portion of tongue in cheek, or he really has no idea he’s trolling himself here.

While he’s making light of his team’s struggles, his players are starting to get tired of all the losing. A couple of them had some interesting things to say about that after the Rams got waxed by the New England Patriots on Sunday.

But the punting team rocks. Here’s the evidence.

Based on this evidence, we’re pretty sure Fisher will have signed a five-year extension by this time tomorrow.