Jed York: Not getting to Super Bowl without ‘superstar quarterback’

Jed York

Over the past couple of seasons, the San Francisco 49ers have won a total of seven games — hardly a championship run. According to 49ers CEO Jed York, any shot a making the championship game lies heavily on the team’s quarterback.

“It’s proven that if you don’t have a superstar quarterback, you’re probably not getting to the Super Bowl and you’re probably not winning a Super Bowl York said per Jeremy Bergman of NFL.com.”

Many might agree with York’s philosophy. The quarterback situation in San Francisco has been less than ideal the past two seasons. As of now, the team has Brian Hoyer penciled in at No. 1 after signing him during free agency.

Thursday will be an exciting day for the San Francisco 49ers, who currently have the No. 2 overall pick in the NFL Draft. They could draft Mitchell Trubisky, as reports indicate the 49ers have interest in him. This is provided the Cleveland Browns snatch him up first with pick No. 1.

If that happens, another option for the 49ers is to trade down from pick No. 2 and possibly choose another rookie later in the draft. They haveĀ already expressed interest in trading their pick away.

Or, they could just stick with Hoyer under center this year. Either way things play out, the 49ers are going to have to practice patience when it comes to discovering who the team’s eventual superstar quarterback will be.