The days of the San Francisco 49ers not having a quarterback on the roster are coming to an end. According to a report, Brian Hoyer will join the 49ers, reuniting him with former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. The reunion likely means that San Francisco is out of the Kirk Cousins trade sweepstakes.

Mike Jones of The Washington Post did suggest that Cousins may be a target in 2018.

As far as Hoyer goes, nobody in San Francisco is going to mistake him for Joe Montana. He does have experience with Shanahan, though.

In 2013, Hoyer played in 14 games (starting in 13) for the Cleveland Browns with Shanahan running he offense. In those 14 games, Hoyer completed 55.3 percent of his passes for 3,326 yards with 12 touchdowns, 13 interceptions, and a 76.5 passer rating.

As underwhelming as those numbers are, Hoyer did do something in his 13 starts that most other Cleveland quarterbacks have failed to do — post a winning record.

From another perspective, while Hoyer isn’t the biggest name in the world, he is the first shoe to fall in the quarterback market. That could and probably will have some impact on where everyone else ends up.