Jazz thank Gordon Hayward in full-page newspaper ads

Gordon Hayward played a huge role in the Utah Jazz returning to relevance around the NBA. In his seven seasons in Utah, the All-Star forward improved each year. In the process, he ultimately led the Jazz back to the postseason with a complete rebrand from the Karl Malone-John Stockton days.

While Hayward decision to leave Utah for the Boston Celtics created some drama around the Association, it’s rather clear the Jazz themselves valued what he did for the franchise.

In this, the Jazz thanked their former forward in two full-page ads Friday morning in the Desert News and The Salt Lake Tribune.

“Thank you, Gordon. For always giving us your best. We’ve enjoyed your game-winning shots and watching you become an All-Star, and we’re proud of your growth as a husband, father and teammate,” the Jazz’ said. “We wish you and your family happiness and success as you move on with your career.”

This is most definitely a nice sentiment from the Jazz themselves. It comes after Hayward took to The Players’ Tribune to thank Utah for his time in the city and with the team.

Outside of a few exceptions, this type of stuff has been limited to the NBA in recent years. It’s a way for both the player and the team to pay their respects.