Jay Gruden on Colin Kaepernick: ‘We will probably go in a different direction’

The Washington Redskins and head coach Jay Gruden suffered their second devastating injury at the quarterback position during Monday night’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Colt McCoy went down in the first half with a fractured fibula. While the Redskins hope McCoy will be back at some point this season, that seems to be a pipe dream. This comes on the heels of Washington losing starting quarterback Alex Smith for the season back in Week 11.

From here on out, Mark Sanchez will likely get the call for a Skins team that remains very much alive in the NFC Playoff race. Though, Washington will also have to bring in another free agent.

According to Gruden, said free agent will not be Colin Kaepernick.

Gruden himself can’t legitimately say there’s a football reason for avoiding Kaepernick. The team worked out the likes of Kellen Clemens prior to signing the above-mentioned Sanchez late last month. Neither quarterback has anywhere near the track record of success that we’ve seen from Kaepernick.

Apparently, none of that matters. Gruden and Co. appear willing to take on the PR hit that came with claiming Reuben Foster off waivers. All the while, the team is going to avoid Kaepernick because of his politics and community work.

Welcome to the NFL in 2018, ladies and gents.