Jay Gruden would like the Redskins to draft a quarterback

Fresh off what seemed to be a decade-long drama surrounding Robert Griffin III, it appears the Washington Redskins may not be done answering questions regarding the quarterback position.

It’s not going to come in 2016 with Kirk Cousins firmly entrenched in as the starting quarterback after signing the franchise tag tender handed to him.

It could, however, come following the 2016 campaign when Cousins is set to hit the free-agent market once again.

Short of Washington exhausting the franchise tag on him for a second consecutive offseason, a long-term deal between the quarterback and team will have to be agreed to in order to prevent this.

So it would stand to reason that the Redskins might look for a fall-back option in the draft. In this, head coach Jay Gruden has hinted at just that:

“You can never have too many good arms in the building and you want a young guy that can develop through the system,” Gruden said, via CSN Mid-Atlantic. “It can be a college free agent. It would be nice to draft a guy but you know, we’ll see.”

That surely sounds like a head coach that wants at least one more arm in camp — a viable one at that.

Washington did re-sign Colt McCoy to be Cousins primary backup. With the team unlikely to spend a top-round pick on a quarterback, Gruden is talking mostly about bringing in a developmental guy.

He’s also not attempting to create any more drama through the media — something he was good at doing during RGIII’s tenure:

“You have your starter. You got your quality backup,” Gruden continued. “And you’ve got to have (another) one in the [quarterback meeting] room—whether it’s your third on the active roster or a practice squad guy—that you can develop.”

Depending on who that guy might be and where he’s drafted, this could force Washington into the unenviable position of having to answer seemingly ridiculous questions about the team’s quarterback position.

This, while the team does the smart thing by looking to add a young player at a position that’s been a disaster for the franchise over the past several years.