Jay Cutler: Bears are ‘dumb team’ for fighting so much

Jay Cutler

The Chicago Bears’ training camp has featured a lot of fights. One man not impressed by all of the physicality is quarterback Jay Cutler, who said that his team is becoming “dumb.”

On the one hand, training camp fights are not terribly rare. Football is a physical sport, guys are forced to spend a lot of time together and nearly everyone there is fighting for a job. Nobody ever wants to see a fight, but they certainly do happen.

Unfortunately, fights have their drawbacks, as well. A fight is often indicative of at least one player crossing a line. In training camp, that results in a fight. In an NFL game, it results in a 15-yard penalty and, possibly, an ejection.

More importantly, training camp isn’t only about players making the team. Training camp is also the time for a team to perfect its playbook to ensure it will be a well functioning unit by Week 1. The more time that is spent fighting, the less that happens.

While training camp fights happen, the Bears should take steps to be sure they’re happening less and less.