Jason Witten writes goodbye letter to Tony Romo

As the accolades keep pouring in for Tony Romo following his retirement from the NFL, former teammates are now starting to speak up about what it meant to play with Romo over the course of his potentially Hall of Fame worthy career.

One player who suited up with Romo throughout his 13 years with the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Witten has something to say about his former quarterback.

We can tell Witten meant every single word of this. Tight ends and quarterbacks do share a special relationship on the field. From Brent Jones and Joe Montana to Troy Aikman and Jay Novacek, this has been the story throughout the history of the league.

Witten also made sure he didn’t end this open letter without focusing on what he called a competitive fire comparative to the great Michael Jordan.

“For me, I will remember that ultra-driven athlete who worked his tall off to learn how to perfect the proper throwing motion. The player who would stand at the chalkboard tirelessly thinking through and dissecting how to block up a brutal Jim Johnson blitz,” Witten wrote. “The guy who would take command at the line of scrimmage with the authority of a five-star military general all while having the charism of Joe Namath and the competitive fire of Michael Jordan.”

There will surely be a debate about Romo’s worthiness as a Hall of Famer over the next several years. There, however, isn’t a debate about the type of teammate he was. Witten made sure Romo’s retirement didn’t pass without him acknowledging this.