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2014-2019 Receiving & Rushing Stats

WR Jarvis Landry stars in hilarious quarantine video

May 12, 2020: Not all quarantine experiences are created equal, but we’re all feeling the effects in one way or another. That’s something Cleveland Browns star receiver Jarvis Landry helped convey in a humorous way starring in a video entitled “Day 80 of Quarantine.”

Teaming up with filmmaker Alejandro Narciso, Landry put on a great show in the 93-second video. In it, he “documents” how he’s been spending his time playing video games, gardening and baking.

And how he’s not thinking of returning to football whatsoever (wink, wink).

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Landry trolls fans with sarcastic tweet

February 21, 2020: As NFL fans and team owners wait to see if players vote to approve the proposed collective-bargaining agreement, Cleveland Browns receiver Jarvis Landry trolled everyone on Friday and might have just hinted at the direction of the vote.

As more players come out opposed to the proposed CBA from owners and with a vote on the way, Landry teased football fans by hinting that they should start thinking about an XFL tv package.

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Jarvis Landry shares when he knew Browns were in trouble

February 4, 2020: The Cleveland Browns went into the 2019 season with expectations to contend for a division title. However, it didn’t take very long into the year for Browns receiver Jarvis Landry to realize the team was in trouble.

Landry, who isn’t shy about ripping former head coach Freddie Kitchens, said he got a hint of the Browns going downhill after their Week 9 loss to the Denver Broncos. After recovering from that 2-6 record, Landry knew the team’s fate was sealed after they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 13.

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Legendary performance in dodgeball competition

January 23, 2020: Just call him White Goodman, because, Jarvis Landry was mowing down opposing players during Thursday’s dodgeball competition at the 2020 Pro Bowl in Orlando.

Facing two NFC players as the AFC looked to take the Skills Competition title, the Cleveland Browns wide receiver put up a legendary performance that would make Peter La Fleur proud.

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Jarvis Landry drug tested…at the Pro Bowl

January 21, 2020: The NFL seemingly leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making sure players are sticking to the league’s drug policy.

Just ask star Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry, who took to social media on Tuesday to note that the NFL has indeed drug tested him at the Pro Bowl in Orlando.

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Landry takes swipe at Freddie Kitchens

December 30, 2020: The Cleveland Browns wasted no time firing Freddie Kitchens after losing to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, and Jarvis Landry might have given us a clue why.

On Monday, the Browns star receiver was asked what the traits the team needs its next head coach to possess. His answer was extremely telling, and it appeared to be an indirect dig toward Kitchens.

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Freddie Kitchens: ‘Not my call’

December 29, 2019: The Cleveland Browns ended their season Sunday in humiliating fashion, losing to the previously one-win Cincinnati Bengals by the score of 33-23.

This came on the heels of reports earlier on Sunday indicating that head coach Freddie Kitchens could be one-and-done in Cleveland.

Talking about the status of his head coach, star Browns receiver Jarvis Landry failed to go to bat for Kitchens. Rather, Landry indicated that it was not his call.

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Landry responds to report he told Cardinals players to ‘come get me’

December 19, 2019: Earlier this week, a report emerged indicating Cleveland Browns star receiver Jarvis Landry told Arizona Cardinals players to “come get me” after last weekend’s loss.

Landry has now responded to that report, and he’s clearly not happy with the reporter who shared the information, Michael Silver of NFL.com.

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