Jared Goff: ‘I’m confident I’ll be the best quarterback in the draft’

Jared Goff will likely be one of the first players selected in the upcoming NFL Draft, and the Cal quarterback definitely believes that he should be.

“I think my accuracy is as good as it gets at this level. I think my pocket presence and my ability to extend plays speak for themselves. I’m confident I’ll be the best quarterback in the draft,” he said, per Peter King of MMQB.

It’s certainly a good sign to see a presumptive top pick be so confident.

Many of the best players often walk a fine line between confidence and cockiness. Teams need to know that a quarterback believes in his abilities, but they can’t come on too strong, as they have obviously yet to do anything in the NFL.

Goff walked that line well.

King also brought up the subject of Goff possibly going to the Cleveland Browns, a franchise with a dismal history of developing quarterbacks. Goff’s response didn’t indicate any concern.

“I’m not worried about it. I’m excited about it. Whatever team I go to, I’ll be excited to go. I want to be the future of a franchise. I think I can be a guy who can make an impact right away.”

Again, it’s the right thing to say. It would be rare, though not entirely unprecedented (John Elway, Eli Manning) for a draft pick to badmouth a franchise that might potentially draft him. Cleveland has been a bad place for quarterbacks to go since 1999, but the quarterback that finally does lead them back to prominence will certainly be held in high esteem.

Goff’s college track record certainly indicates that he can be that guy. He completed just under 65 percent of his passes during the 2015 season and better than 62 percent of his passes in his three seasons with the Golden Bears. In 2015, he also threw for 43 touchdowns against 13 interceptions and 96 touchdowns compared to 30 picks in his three collegiate seasons.

Goff is on track to be the first Cal quarterback to play in the NFL or even be drafted since Aaron Rodgers, who was selected by the Green Bay Packers in 2005.