Jared Allen on Cam Newton celebration: ‘This isn’t Footloose’

Courtesy of USA Today Images

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has received some criticism for a prolonged touchdown celebration, but teammate Jared Allen offered a reminder about the legality of the situation.

According to ESPN’s David Newton, the defensive end said the NFL isn’t like the classic movie “Footloose” in which a city banned dancing.

This non-issue has become a story because a mother of a nine-year-old girl wrote an op-ed to the Charlotte Observer that criticized Newton for his antics throughout Sunday’s matchup with the Tennessee Titans.

More specifically, she—along with Titans linebacker Avery Williamson—was upset with Newton’s terrific celebration. The dance lasted approximately seven seconds, which is apparently too long.

Williamson approached Newton, who had a perfect response: More dancing!

Fans have often criticized the NFL for becoming the “No Fun League,” and deservedly so. Planned touchdown celebrations are rarely a part of the game.

And yet, there’s still backlash for Newton’s celebration. This is exactly what we’ve wanted to see. Should the NFL institute a five-second rule for celebrations? Do you really want more penalties?

Football is a game meant to entertain. Dancing is entertainment.

Now, if you don’t want to see an opponent dancing, either a) be a better defender, NFL players or b) be a fair-weather fan and only support a team that doesn’t give up points.

Cam is simply cutting loose—footloose, to be exact. He’s kicking off his Sunday shoes after scoring touchdowns and racking up wins. The Panthers are 9-0, and Newton is dancing his way into the hearts of people who like fun.