James Swanwick On How He Bluffed ESPN | SU Podcast

By Malcolm Michaels

Today on the March 5th, 2014 Sports Unfiltered podcast we’re talking with James Swanwick about his article called, “How I Bluffed ESPN and Became a SportCcenter Anchor.” Find out how James pulled this off and other tips for aspiring sports journalists. Listen now…

James Swanwick On How He Bluffed ESPN


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How in the world do you land a job at the behemoth called ESPN? And to top it off, end up on the flagship show called SportsCenter?  Today TC and James Swanwick breakdown the journey on how James wasn’t afraid to bust his butt and land the job he wanted. From his start in Brisbane, Australia to his journey’s to London and Los Angeles, and then onto Las Vegas and New York. James Swanwick also shares his thoughts on how to become a journalist in today’s world and specific tips on making things happen in your life.

James Swanwick Show Highlights:

  • James’ second chance audition which he nailed for ESPN
  • How TC can get Tim Tebow on the show
  • Keanu Reeves may be the biggest empty vessel in Hollywood
  • Listen in to find out more

Plus TC (your host and ringmaster) is riffin’ on the Sportsnaut.com headlines of the day including does Jerry Jones want Johnny Manziel more than Tony Romo? Plus, the worlds fastest production car goes 270MPH, whether it’s pot, alcohol, or brownies, you have a disease, and finally Hans Gruber Bill Clay Thompson gives the Warriors a big win against Indiana last night.

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