James Harden gushes over Chris Paul: ‘Makes you step up your game even more’

James Harden Houston Rockets

James Harden and Chris Paul practiced together in Las Vegas with their teammates last week. And despite plenty of naysayers who wonder how they’ll coexist, the Houston Rockets guards are getting along famously already.

Harden gushed with positivity about the experience, per ESPN’s John Weinfuss, saying it went “really good.”

“Going into the workouts, Harden knew how smart Paul was but playing alongside Paul showed Harden how Paul sees things before they happen,” Weinfuss wrote.

Harden, who is known for his offense but not so much for his defense, might be interested in stepping that aspect of his game up now that he’s playing with one of the best defensive guards in the game.

“When you got a guy like that on your team it makes you step your game up even more.”

The Rockets made it clear early on this offseason that they weren’t going to stand pat. They have been extremely aggressive about upgrading their level of talent to match what the Golden State Warriors have going on over in Oakland, Ca.

The next possible move could be landing prized New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, who is rumored to be almost a lock to head to Houston. Should that happen, then things really will get interesting in the west next season.