James Franklin brushes off rumors that he’s interested in USC job

There have been rumors circulating recently that Penn State head football coach James Franklin might be a candidate to replace Clay Helton at USC.

On Tuesday during his weekly press conference, Franklin brushed those aside, saying “We’re completely focused on Maryland” and blaming the rumors on the “crazy, mad time of year.”

It’s important to note here the distinction between what Franklin said and what he did not say.

What he said is that it’s a crazy time of year and that it’s not appropriate to talk about the USC job right now. What he distinctly did NOT say is that he is in no way interested in the USC job.

If last year’s coaching carousel taught us anything, it’s that coaches follow dollar signs. And if the USC Trojans come calling with a huge bag of cash, nobody should be surprised if Franklin leaves Penn State for the sunny skies of Southern California.