Jameis Winston has no idea where his Heisman Trophy is

By Michael Dixon

Jameis Winston won the Heisman Trophy for Florida State in 2013, but hasn’t seen much of it since.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback was asked about the whereabouts of the prestigious trophy on Tuesday. Winston said that the trophy is with his father.

“My dad has it somewhere,” Winston said on The Dan Patrick Show. “When I left New York, that’s probably the last time I’ve seen it, other than seeing it in the cases at Florida State. Because my dad really took that off my hands. I have no idea where he has it. He treats that thing like that’s his son. It’s always in a new place. You never know with my dad.”

It’s slightly surprising that Winston hasn’t seen his trophy in nearly three years. One would figure that, if nothing else, Winston would want to see his prize whenever he visits his dad. Obviously that is not the case.

For the sake of both Winston and his father, we should all hope that the senior Winston never misplaces the Heisman when moving it around. That would certainly lead to some awkward family moments.