Jaguars star has a pretty bold prediction for 2018 season

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The Jacksonville Jaguars certainly don’t lack confidence in themselves following an AFC Championship Game appearance last season.

Said confidence normally tends to spew from the mouth of the very talkative Jalen Ramey. But it appears defensive lineman Malik Jackson has one-upped his teammate.

In talking to TMZ Sports on Wednesday, Jackson had a pretty bold prediction. It’s a prediction that includes the Jaguars going undefeated this coming season.

“I think we’re going 16-0. I’m callin’ it, 16-0. I don’t think anybody can beat us as long as we stay healthy and do what we’re supposed to do,” Jackson said.

The veteran then went on to note that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is looking a little “sluggish” at his advanced NFL age.


If Jackson’s goal did not include giving the Pats bulletin board material, he failed big time.

Though, based on how the Jags view themselves, it’s highly unlikely that Jackson himself cares too much about what Brady thinks.

New England defeated Jacksonville in the AFC Championship Game this past January, 24-20. The two are much closer than most would like to admit heading into the 2018 season.

On a semi-related note, maybe the remaining members of the 1972 Miami Dolphins shouldn’t order up that champagne.