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Jaguars owner releases statement after mass shooting in Jacksonville

Shock and concern was the name of the game around the United States on Sunday after reports surfaced of yet another mass shooting.

This time, a gunman opened fire during a Madden video game tournament in Jacksonville, killing four and wounding scores of others before turning the gun on himself.

As we’ve seen with other recent mass shootings, the impact was certainly felt around the sports world. That’s more evident when it comes to the hometown Jacksonville Jaguars than any other entity maybe outside of EA Sports and the Madden video game franchise.

In responding to the mass shooting, Jaguars Shad Khan released a heartfelt statement.

“It’s impossible to comprehend today’s news,” the owner said. “I’m heartbroken for the families and friends of the victims and can only express my deepest condolences as we try to understand why and how this can happen, not only here, but anywhere. What I can say is I know today what lifelong residents have known forever – we are resilient, compassionate and remarkably supportive of our neighbors and friends, particularly in the most trying occasions. This tragedy will ask the best of all of us, but I know we will respond.”

There’s little doubt that the Jaguars and the Jacksonville community will represent the best in the human spirit in responding to this latest mass shooting in what is seemingly an American-specific epidemic.

Khan did, however, go on record wondering how this can happen. It’s a question we continue to battle with as Americans.

As the shock of this attack is replaced with stories about the victims and their families, the Jaguars themselves have an important role here. Pro sports teams are a huge part of communities around the United Stats.

And as the NFL season gets going with this tragedy at the forefront, the Jaguars themselves will be in a position to help the community move forward and pay respects to those most impacted by yet another mass slaughter of innocent civilians in the United States.