Jaguars’ Marcedes Lewis Refers to Tom Brady as “America’s Child”

Marcedes Lewis

Jacksonville Jaguars’ tight end Marcedes Lewis may not be one of New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady’s teammates, but he does support the quarterback who is going through a tough time in the Deflategate scandal. Brady is facing a possible suspension due to his probable knowledge of team locker room personnel tampering with the footballs used in the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Lewis, who was approached by reporters at TMZ Sports while driving around in Hollywood, CA., said that he hopes the NFL takes it easy on “America’s Child.”

If you’re not laughing or barfing and still here, did Lewis really call Brady “America’s Child?” Lewis, the Jags’ first-round draft pick from 2006, joins others including New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former NBA’s John Salley and some of Brady’s teammates who seem to think that Brady is as pure as gold.

No matter who is backing Brady or who wants the suspension book thrown at him, the decision lies with good old NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who has had his hands full lately dealing with player suspensions—some of which the general public have not always agreed with.

Will “America’s Child” be watching his team play from the sidelines for some or all of this season? We should find out soon enough when Goodell’s decision is announced later this week.

Photo: USA Today Sports