Jaguars to host a Pokemon GO night at EverBank Field

By Rachel Wold

Pokemon GO is hotter than ever this summer and the Jacksonville Jaguars are getting in on the action.

The team will partner with FanDuel to host a Pokemon GO Safari at EverBank Field on Monday, July 25. Per the report, the event will run from 6:00-8:00 local time and is free.

Though, as a courtesy, the Jaguars are requesting that people planning to attend register on their website.

“We know that everyone has been all over Jacksonville playing Pokemon GO, but have not had the opportunity to play inside EverBank Field,” the Jaguars said in a statement, via Mike DiRocco of ESPN. “That’s why we’re opening up the stadium for our fans. We want all Jacksonville Pokemon trainers to be the very best and to catch ‘em all!”

According to the team, the stadium will have customized Pokestops and gyms. The first 1,000 people to finish a self-guided tour of EverBrank will also get an exclusive Pokemon Go gym badge.

This is sure to be a highly attended event. Since the Pokemon GO app was released, it’s taken on a world of its own (almost literally) with children and adults alike participating in the craze.

It is cool of the Jaguars to open up their stadium and host the event for free.