Jags’ Leonard Fournette absolutely trolls Ezekiel Elliott on Twitter

NFL Week was a struggle for Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys.

With his birthday coming up on July 22, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott asked his fans on Twitter what they are going to get him for his birthday.

This provided the perfect opportunity for Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette to troll Elliott in grand fashion.

Fournette responded that he would buy Elliott a treadmill, as he proceeded to call him a “fat a**.”

The tweeted response by Fournette of course garnered all kinds of hilarious reactions and memes. For what it is worth, Elliott weighs in at 228 pounds and he is 6-foot even. And believe it or not, Fournette weighs exactly the same and is also 6-foot.

So, Fournette’s brash comment might just come back to bite him in the you know what.

Anyway, we wish an early happy birthday to Elliott who will turn 23 on Sunday.