Jack Del Rio not happy with Marquette King’s penalties

While Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King has become a fan favorite and social phenomenon for his energetic love for the game, as evidenced by his dance moves after every booming punt, certain people have grown tired of his antics.

Chief among them would be Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio, who sent a not-so-subtle message towards the counter by saying the had never gotten an unsportsmanlike penalty in his 11-year NFL career. This, coming on the heels of King’s second unsportsmanlike call in as many weeks per ProFootballTalk.

“And now we have two (unsportsmanlike penalties), in back-to-back weeks, from the punter,” Del Rio said.

While King is having an All-Pro type of season at the punter position, it seems his head coach as grown tired of the dancing and general antics on display every week.
Regardless, the man has played out of his mind this year, and while he needs to clean up on the penalties, has vaulted himself to an elite level.

Let’s just hope King understands where his coach is coming from here.