J.J. Watt blasts person for questioning his relief efforts

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt received an award on Tuesday for his fundraising efforts after Hurricane Harvey rocked Houston and the surrounding areas.

Naturally, the Texans PR Twitter page proudly recognized Watt’s accomplishment.

Things took a bit of a contentious turn afterwards.

While acknowledging Watt as a “great man,” an adult cake maker in Houston noted that neither she or anyone she’s in contact with has seen any benefits of the relief project.

Watt’s response to her was matter of fact, but respectful.

Shortly thereafter, though, the NFL superstar went a little harder with an apparent subtweet.

It certainly was quite the detour.

Obviously, in a city Houston’s size, not everyone is going to see immediate dividends. Watt even acknowledged that as great as his fundraising efforts were, they were only a drop in the bucket for what Houston needs.

With that said, Watt has consistently shared exactly where the raised money is going. And we have seen people move back into their homes due to the efforts of Watt and his relief fund.