Irate Eagles fans christen Sam Bradford with boos on multiple occassions

Sam Bradford and the Philadelphia Eagles sustained an embarrassing home loss to their divisional rival Dallas Cowboys, 20-10.

For this, irate Eagles fans gave their new quarterback the business, mercilessly booing him and the team when they exited the field after the first half. At that point, the Eagles offense had only gained 21 yards.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys enjoyed 15 first downs in the first half.

According to ESPN, Philly’s total 21 first-half yards were the fewest put on the board in a first half of any team since Week 3 of the 2013 season. No doubt Eagles fans were upset by the pathetic output.

Unfortunately for Bradford and company, the boo birds didn’t stop there.

On the Eagles first possession of the ball in the third quarter, Bradford completed a 12-yard pass to rookie wideout Nelson Agholor. Sadly, the Eagles then lost 11 yards on two rushing attempts by former Cowboy, DeMarco Murray, right after that catch. Then, Cowboys cornerback Tyler Patmon swatted a pass attempted for Riley Cooper.

When the offense left the field, the booing started up again.

In all reality, Bradford and the Eagles did deserve to get booed. They lost to the Cowboys that were without Dez Bryant and then without Tony Romo for much of the second half.

Getting beat by a team that was out some key players was frankly quite worrisome. Bradford ended the day completing 23 of 37 passes for 224 yards, one touchdown, one fumble and two interception.

Another stinker or two like this will only further stir up the already angry fan base, thus prompting the boo birds to come out in force the next time the Eagles come home to roost in Week 5. In the meantime, Philadelphia now has a couple of road tests against the New York Jets and Washington the next couple of weeks.