Indians Twitter account has fun with 18-game winning streak

Cleveland Indians 18 game winning streak

When the Cleveland Indians’ winning streak began, they became the Windians, and have subsequently added a W to their Twitter name after every win. But now that the winning streak is at 18 games and Twitter names can’t be any longer than 20 characters, the team Twitter page has a real problem.

Given that Cleveland is already maxed out on characters, what exactly are the Indians going to do if this winning streak continues to 19 games, or even more? That’s certainly¬†a problem that the organization would like to have.

Cleveland is two short of tying the 2002 Oakland Athletics for the longest winning streak in American League history. The longest in MLB history is 26, held by the 1916 New York Giants, but that included an unofficial tie. The 1935 Chicago Cubs winning 21 straight is the longest MLB streak to not include a tie.

Monday will mark the beginning of a three-game series at home against the non-contending Detroit Tigers. While anything can happen in baseball, it’s certainly a good opportunity for the Indians’ streak to get just a little longer, even if the Twitter name runs out of characters.